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Paris, France

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Job description

Space Crew Summary

  • Company: NewSpace company revolutionizing launch management.

  • Role in a Nutshell: Lead and expand launch services sales.

  • Responsibilities: Developing sales strategy, managing the overall sales cycle and leading the sales team.

  • Requirements: 5-10 years in a sales role, preferably in the space or satellite sector.

  • Location: Paris, France. Option to work remotely from elsewhere in France/Europe provided you visit the office regularly.

  • Compensation: Competitive salary and uncapped commission.

  • Career Growth: Opportunity to shape sales strategy and team in a fast-growing NewSpace company.


RIDE! is a NewSpace company based in Paris, France and founded in 2020.

RIDE!’s vision is to provide the ultimate experience of launch services, on a large scale.

To do so, RIDE! has designed a digital platform to handle the end-to-end launch process for both Launch Vehicles and Satellite Operators ecosystems. From scouting launch opportunities, assessing  performance, price and level of service,  to contract launch service agreements, RIDE!’s platform allows its users a seamless experience.

Besides its platform, RIDE! provides a range of launch services, operated by mission managers, in charge of multi-deployment analysis, Launch RFP procurement strategy, Launch integration, Radiofrequency Registration, or Space Insurance benchmarking,

RIDE!’s strong ecosystem is composed of 40+ launch vehicles and OTVs, as well as 250+ satellite operators in more than 50 countries.

Launching a satellite has never been that convenient, affordable and safe !

Job Description

Reporting directly to the CEO, the position of Head of Sales is strategically vital for the growth of RIDE!. The Head of Sales is accountable for the Sales department's performance, focusing on Satellite Operators. This role encompasses:

  1. Identifying opportunities for launch services and launch opportunities.

  2. Managing bids for both commercial and institutional launches.

  3. Developing closing strategies.

The Head of Sales collaborates closely with the Launch Mission department. After securing a launch opportunity, the mission manager takes over, implementing the launch in accordance with the customer's requirements, as briefed by the Sales department.

Furthermore, the Head of Sales oversees a team of Business Developers and Account Managers. Business acumen, an established commercial space network, and the ability to comprehend RIDE!’s clients' critical success factors are imperative for the role's success.

Ultimately, enhancing the company's revenue and optimizing the business strategy are the Head of Sales' primary expectations.

🛰 You will be responsible of the following missions

The chief mission is to increase the number of finalized launch deals and associated services.

The Head of Sales is expected to:

  1. Challenge and implement the Business Strategy for 2024.

  2. Identify new opportunities in the satellite operators' ecosystem.

  3. Understand the decision-making process and key drivers of satellite operators.

  4. Close sales for launches and services targeting satellite operators.

  5. Support clients in managing the launch project by ensuring effective communication with the Launch Planning department.

  6. Recruit and manage a business team, delivering high performance.

  7. Attend international exhibitions such as IAC, Bremen, and Paris Space Week.

  8. Deliver and commit to Business excellence and performance to the Executive Board.

The Head of Sales may also be tasked with editing or creating new products and services offered by RIDE!

The Head of Sales plays an active role in managing launch opportunities and has access to:

  • RIDE!’s platform

  • An international network and an existing prospect base of 250+ satellite operators and manufacturers

  • RIDE!’s team comprising business developers, account managers, and growth marketers.

Preferred Experience

  • 5 to 10 years of experience in "Business Oriented" roles.

  • At least 1 experience related to Space launches (sales of services or systems closely associated with a space launch).

  • A well-developed network in the space industry (upstream), including launchers, satellite operators, and satellite manufacturers.

  • Previous experience in team management.

  • Able to accommodate a ±3-hour time difference.

  • Proficiency in English (mandatory).

  • Knowledge of French is a bonus, but not necessary.


  1. Complex sales management.

  2. End-to-end sales process management (from initial meeting to closing).

  3. Bid Management.

  4. Knowledge of the space market and its stakeholders.

  5. Team management.

  6. Business Strategy.


  1. Reliability and commitment to delivering results.

  2. Diligence and commitment to objectives.

  3. A problem-solving mindset.

  4. Emotional intelligence.

  5. Agility and a strong adaptability.

Recruitment Process

  • Space Crew Screening

  • 1st Call with our Talent Acquisition (30’)

  • Interview with our COO (60’)

  • Interview with our CTO (60’)

  • Interview with our CEO (60’)

  • Final Proposal

At RIDE!, we are committed to an inclusive recruitment process and to promoting diversity within our teams.

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