List of the best Space related Youtube Channels

Space Crew Team - 08 March 2024

Step into the cosmic realm of knowledge and wonder as we unveil the best space-related YouTube channels. From cutting-edge science to futuristic futurism, these channels offer a celestial mix of space news, captivating interviews, and mind-expanding discoveries. Whether you're a space aficionado or an aspiring astronaut, join us on a cosmic journey to uncover the most enlightening and entertaining space channels that will transport you to the stars and beyond!

1 - Cosmo Quest

The place where you map other worlds, explore our universe, & contribute to science.

2 - Primal Space

Primal Space is here to answer the more obscure questions you have about space. To feed the curiosity of the younger generations and to celebrate the primal beginnings of spaceflight.

3 - The Angry Astronaut

Space, spaceflight, NASA, SpaceX, Mars, Blue Origin, Bill Nye, Patrick Stewart and other things that piss me off...oh, yeah, and ESPECIALLY Boeing and Bezos! Includes spaceflight content OTHER than daily Boca Chica coverage. If you've never heard of this mission or this new private space company, you might hear about it here first!!

4 - Astronogeek

AstronoGeek, c'est une chaîne dédiée à la vulgarisation de l'astronomie. Bordel de merde.

5 - Sabine Hossenfelder

In her channel "Science without the gobbledygook," Sabine talks straight about science: No hype, no spin, no tip-toeing around inconvenient truths. New video each Saturday. Sabine Hossenfelder has a PhD in physics and is presently a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS). She is author of the book "Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray" (Basic Books, 2018) and blogs at

6 - The Vintage Space

Amy Shira Teitel is the author of two books: Fighting for Space (Grand Central Publishing, 2020) and Breaking the Chains of Gravity (Bloomsbury, 2015). Amy has had a lifelong passion for spaceflight; researching for a second-grade project on Venus, she was captivated by a cartoon image of two astronauts on the Moon and had to know everything about the Apollo program. Her interests, however, go well beyond space. She also loves early aviation, early technological evolutions, and she's endlessly fascinated with mid-century America.

7 - Stardust - La Chaîne Air & Espace

Vidéos documentaires consacrées à l'histoire spatiale et aéronautiques.

8 - Hugo Lisoir

Je m'appelle Hugo Lisoir et je produis des vidéos avec mon frère Maxime. Je m'intéresse à tout ce qui touche à l’espace. C’est donc le sujet que vous pourrez suivre sur ma chaîne. On y parle d’astronomie, d’astronautique, du New Space, de la recherche etc…

9 - Cool Worlds

Space, astronomy, exoplanets, astroengineering and the search for extraterrestrial life & intelligence. The Cool Worlds Lab (, based at the Department of Astronomy, Columbia University, is a team of astronomers seeking to discover and understand alien worlds, particularly those where temperatures are cool enough for life, led by Professor David Kipping.

10 - SciShow Space

Every Tuesday and Friday, SciShow Space explores the universe a few minutes at a time. Hosts Hank Green, Caitlin Hofmeister, and Reid Reimers share everything from just after the beginning of time to the most recent breaking news in space exploration.

11 - Destiny

Welcome to Destiny where we explore amazing things and mysterious places on Earth, and the incredible universe that surrounds us. Join us as we look at modern technology, futuristic weapons, and artificial intelligence that could save or destroy mankind. Travel to exotic and bizarre places you never thought existed, and go on galactic adventures as we explore space and the universe all the way to the end.

12 - Dr. Ryan Ridden

I'm a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Space Telescope Science Institute studying the frontiers of cosmic cataclysms. With my knowledge and love for science, I break down new discoveries and cool phenomena!

13 - Dr. Becky

Your friendly neighbourhood astrophysicist. I'm Dr Becky Smethurst, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford. I love making videos about science with an unnatural level of enthusiasm. I like to focus on how we know things, not just what we know. And especially, the things we still don't know. If you've ever wondered about something in space and couldn't find an answer online - you can ask me!

14 - CuriousDroid

Space, Technology, Discovery. Welcome fellow Curious Droids, I'm Paul Shillito founder of Curious Droid, the guy with not only the some of the loudest shirts on YouTube but also a huge curiosity about Aerospace history, robotics, transportation technology and other similar techy subjects plus others which are suggested by yourselves via Facebook or Patreon

15 - Bad Astra

At Bad Astra we learn about astrophysics, space, physics, and science with more costume changes than math. On Wednesdays we release videos answering to viewer-submitted questions, interviews with scientists, rants about our science pet peeves, or science-themed music videos when we’re feeling extra ambitious. At the end of each month we take deep-dives into scientific topics from the lifecycle of stars to vaccines to the history of the universe. Please remember to like, comment, subscribe, share, and check out our Patreon for early access to videos and exclusive content.

16 - Dongfang Hour

Dongfang Hour (literally “Eastern Hour”), is a podcast that dives into the fast-evolving Chinese aerospace and technology sectors. As the world’s second-largest economy, China is becoming an increasingly important and relevant topic, yet quality information about certain sectors remains difficult to find in Chinese, and is often nonexistent in English.

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17 - Marcus house

Eight years before I was born, Apollo 17 returned from the moon (1972). I sadly missed the most exciting adventure humans have ever experienced. Since I was young I've dreamed of being able to witness the next big milestone. We've seen no further manned missions outside Low Earth Orbit in my years, but this is about to change with SpaceX and Blue Origin pushing humanity back into the new space race alongside NASA. Other wonderful new companies such as Rocketlab are increasing the excitement with smaller payloads as well. This is an amazing time to be alive and I want to share all I can with you. Historically I'm a huge fan of Kerbal Space Program (KSP) which is where my Youtube channel started. KSP2 is around the corner, so we may well get back into that at some point soon as well.

18 - Sixty Symbols

Cool videos about physics and astronomy.

19 - Event Horizon

John Michael Godier's Event Horizon is a Science and space focused narrative driven show featuring special guests. Event Horizon covers science, astronomy, space science, futurism, technology, astrophysics, history, news and more.

20 - Isaac Arthur

This channel focuses on exploring concepts in science with an emphasis on futurism and space exploration, along with a healthy dose of science fiction. While we explore many concepts and technologies that are far beyond us now, we try to keep everything inside the bounds of known science or major theories.

21 - Nora's Guide to the Galaxy

Hi! I'm Nora, your friendly local guide the Milky Way (and beyond!). I'm a PhD candidate in astronomy and astrophysics with a passion for space that I want to share with you. Ask me your questions, share your favorite space facts, and let's explore together!

22 - Le Journal de l'Espace


Le Journal de l'Espace, la chaîne pour rester au courant de ce qui se passe....dans l'espace! De courtes vidéos afin de garder un œil sur les évènements majeurs de l'actualité spatiale, les progrès et les avancées des différents intervenants du secteur, et les découvertes importantes qui ont lieu loin (mais pas tant que ça) au dessus de nos têtes

23 - John Michael Godier

Author and futurist John Michael Godier explores the universe in weekly documentary videos released randomly. These videos center on science, future technology and the mysteries of the universe. Additionally, John releases irregular videos covering breaking news on important developments in space science and technology as they happen.

24 - What about it!?

This is “What about it!?” Your #1 address for Space News! My name is Felix Schlang and I am what you could call a self-taught space enthusiast. For several decades, I have been reading books and watching videos (not unlike the ones I make) having accumulated a large knowledge base about all sorts of topics. So, I am inviting you to join me in exploring Space, Rockets and Science. Together, we can conquer the unknown! “What about it!?” is the essence of the space nerds' need for knowledge!

25 - Fraser Cain

Space and astronomy news from Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today and co-host of Astronomy Cast. If you're a fan of space, sci-fi and pop culture, you'll love our Guide to Space. These short videos come out every Monday and Thursday and answer a burning question that astronomy fans want to know. We talk about black holes, galaxies, the Universe, and the search for aliens.

26 - Anton Petrov

My name is Anton and I explain science, math or other complicated topics using simulations, video games and easy to understand words. This is a (mostly) family friendly channel with the focus on science education, space video game, technology topics and programming/coding. All of the videos are meant to be informative and will teach you fun facts about science you probably didn't know.

27 - Senkrechtstarter

Du wolltest schon immer Astronaut werden? Raumfahrt ist Dein Lieblingsthema? Ja, wir leben in einer mega spannenden Zeit und Elon Musk hat mit SpaceX die gesamte Industrie auf den Kopf gestellt. Oder sollten wir besser sagen: endlich senkrecht gestellt? (: Auch ich wollte als kleiner Junge Astronaut werden. Seit Jahren verbringe ich unzählige Stunden auf YouTube und sauge alles auf zum Thema Raumfahrt. Hier gibt es ab sofort jeden Montag ein neues Video über Raketentechnik, SpaceX, Starship, die NASA, Weltraum und alles, was SENKRECHT gen Himmel fliegt

28 - Everyday Astronaut

Rocket science. A term we all use to describe something incredibly difficult. Trying to grasp all of the concepts involved in rocket science can be incredibly intimidating. My name’s Tim Dodd but I'm better known as the Everyday Astronaut. Recently I fell head over heals in love with spaceflight. My appreciation and curiosity for the subject grew into an obsession. Before you knew it, all I wanted to do was learn more and more. And the more I learned, the more I wanted to share what was making me so excited.

29 - PBS Space Time

Space Time explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth with our astrophysicist host: Matthew O’Dowd.

30 - Kurzgesagt

Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism. We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

31 - Futurity


Welcome to the future! Where innovation is the norm, ingenuity is critical and brilliance is habitual.

32 - Scott Manley


Scott Manley is someone who fell into youtube because he felt a deep compelling need to teach people orbital mechanics and rocket science so they could play Kerbal Space Program, now, years later the gaming videos are less important and the pure science is the main thrust. My degrees are all in Physics and Astronomy, so much of the rocket science and engineering I've learned is self taught, always learning, always teaching

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